We offer two types of obedience training.  The first is general sit, stay, heel, on and off-leash. The second obedience training is the same as above but we also work on behavioral issues and inhouse obedience. 
Obedience Training
Month to month
$1200.00 a month

We offer from time to time, on a limited number basis, started dogs for sale to fully trained dogs for sale. Click the Learn More button below to watch for posts on our website or contact me for availability. 

Good Citizen & Obedience Training
Started Dogs
Stage 2 is the first stage of formal training and typically takes 3 months. Completion of this stage you can expect your dog to be properly e-collar conditioned and properly gun conditioned,  handling to voice commands, recall to whistle, search, find, and hold point through flush, and maybe hold to shot.
Stage 2
Month to month
$1000.00 a month.
Training Stage 2
Stage 3 is the continuation from stage 2 with advance training that requires your dog to hold its birds steady to wing, shot, fall until sent to retrieve. If the owner is committed to the process we also work on stop to wild flush and backing/honoring another dog's point. This stage is month to month until the process is complete. 
Stage 3
Month to month
$1000.00 a month.
Training Stage 3
Typically we breed one to two litters per year. If you are interested in one of our puppies please contact me for availablilty or to inquire about future breedings. 

Quality Bred German Shorthair Pointers

 Training Stage 1
Stage 1 is a 6-week puppy course for puppies 5-6 months old. It is an introduction to birds that focuses on bringing out the pup's natural ability, building desire, and prey drive. We work on scent pointing, handling commands, and gun introduction. And if and when possible introduction to the e-collar.
Stage 1
6 week course

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