We offer a couple of different Obedience training programs.

1) This first Program is for basic obedience, Heal, Sit, Stay, Down, Here. These dogs get worked every day and will stay in our outside kennels. I take in a limited number of dogs for the Basic Obedience Training Program as I only have so much time and space.

2) The second program is the same as the Basic Obedience Program, but we take it a step further and bring the dog in the house and teach the dog to be a good citizen in the house, along with teaching him to stay in the house all night in a dog crate. We treat these dogs just like all our personal dogs. They spend half the day inside and half the day outside in the kennel. This program is good for the out of control house dog that gets into everything, the dog that has no boundaries and has no respect for you. This program is NOT for MEAN dogs or BITERS, as I have young kids in the house. I will only take in one dog at a time for this Training Program, as its very hands on and time consuming.

The Fee for the Basic Obedience training is $650 a month and can take between 1-2 months depending on the dog.

The Fee for the  Basic Obedience training, and Good Citizen House training is $800 a month. Again this program can take 1-2 months it just depends on the dog, and what your expectations are.

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