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Stage 1 of training is a 6 week course, designed for puppys 4-6 months old. This stage of training is to help develop the pups Natural Abilitys. Its also a stage that helps build Desire, Boldness, and Independence

In this training stage we will have LOTS of fun time. Were the pup is taken out daily for runs. This will set the ground work for teaching the pup to handle, as well as build Desire and Independance. During the runs the pup will encounter dickie birds butterflys and other bugs and fun things puppys like, as well as be exposed to wild quail

Being able see and chase will stimulate the pup to want more. Finding and bumping and chasing wild quail will teach the pup what quail are and what they smell like, building their Desire to want more and to start searching for them

Also in Stage 1, puppys will be interduced to the checkcord and depending on the pups age, and its boldness, the pinch collar. In stage 1 with control of the dog through the checkcord we will card birds and start planting birds

When working the pups on planted birds we alway work the pup into the wind so they get to use there nose to find the birds. Once the pups finds the bird, we will have the pup stand as long as they will. This stage isnt as much about teaching patience, its more about teaching the pup to use its natrual abilitys through building up his/her desire

With the checkcord we have total control of the pup so no planted birds are caught. We alway plant the birds very lightly so if the pup gets to close the bird flys off. In this stage we use Homing Pigeons

Its also important at this age to start working with the pups retrieve. We do our best to stimulate that desire with bumpers as well as dead birds. In my opinion its important to have feathers in a puppies mouth as early as possible.


When working the pup on planted birds the pups desire to chase and try to catch the bird is at its hightest. When we reach that point I will start to add in throwing a dead bird after the bird flushes

Some puppys will run out and pick up the bird and hold it, some will pick it up and bring it right back to you, others will pick it up and drop it. We stay persistant at trying to get their natural retrieve out, but as we know thats not always the cases

The training fees for this 6 week puppy course is $700

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