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Stage 3
This is an advanced level of training. Were a dog is trained  "Steady to Wing and Shot" ---To--- "Steady to Wing and Shot and Fall until sent to the retrieve. Dogs trained "Steady to Shot" will hold point through you flushing the bird and break on the firing of the shotgun.

A dog trained to the level of "Steady to Wing and Shot and Fall until being sent for the retrieve", will hold point through you flushing the bird and through the firing of the shotgun and will hold until you send them for the retrieve. During Stage 3, we also work on "Stop to Flush" and Honoring another dog point "Backing"

This level of training takes a minimum of 3 months and with some dogs longer. A time table cant be put on how long it will take, a dog has to be worked at its own pace, if you push to hard the dog will melt down and that could cause other problems, so if money is a issue think about what  you actually want commit to. Once you chose to go down this road the dog getting broke should be your committed, ultimate goal.

Because this level of training can put a lot of pressure on the dog, I wont start the breaking process on a dog under 2 year old unless it has gone through Stage 2 training and has had a full year of hunting under its belt. Again this advanced stage of training needs a dog mature and bold enough to handle the training.

With this level of training the owner also needs to understand that it will take extra work with the dog on their own, once the dog goes home.  You will need to work your dog in the off season and be committed to not shooting a bird if your dog breaks and starts to chase. If you cant commit to the dog and the training you may want to second guess your decision to get the dog broke.

Another thing to consider is who you hunt with and the type of training their dogs have. While you can hunt a Stage 2 dog together with a Stage 3 dog it can get hard on the broke dog if the other dog is always getting the retrieves. Dogs can and will push each other, so in the long run again if your not committed to the dog and its training it may be harder to keep a dog broke in this type of situation

For those of you that are committed, a broke dog is the best. A good broke dog is truly worthy to be bragged about. These dogs are as safe as they can get. Accidents do happen from time to time, you lose sight of the dog and take a low shot. With a broke dog he will stand through shot making him as safe as he can be, and that's again if your committed to the training of the dog.

If you look at the pictures on the left hand side you'll see a series of six pictures showing a dog finding and pointing a bird, standing while I walk in front of him to work the bird, you see a picture of the dogs head turning, that's the bird flying off and in the same picture you'll see me firing off a blank gun. Through out everything you see the dog standing Steady to Wing and Shot and holding after shot, until I walk up and collar him.

The next series has three pictures which shows another broke dog. Where the dog is standing Steady to Wing and Shot and holding until he is collared. In both situations these dogs did a fantastic job, the bird work was perfect.

The  pictures that follow show a two picture series of a dog "Stopping to Wild Flush" followed then by three pictures of dogs "Backing"

I want people to really think long, and hard before making this commitment. Balance out what your looking for and what you really want.

1) Do your hunting buddies hunt with a broke dog or do their dogs break on flush ? again as I said earlier, having a broke dog hunting with a non-broke dog makes it harder to keep your dog broke.  

2) Then again its important to weigh the safey issues verses the time you have to commit to working your dog in the off season.

3) In my opinion there is no better feeling than to hunt behind a good broke dog. They are truly special, and worthy of the bragging you'll do. BUT again they aren't for everyone. but for those of you that are committed if we break your dogs we are always here to help you and be a form of support once you get the dog home.

The fee for breaking a dog is $700 a month and will more than likely take at least 3 months if not more.

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